How I get the girl I love a lot back?

she doesn't show me she likes me , she completely acts different , acts like she's to good for me , when we text message each other we always talk about how we messed up so I need advise guys


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  • Stay away from texting its hard to get everything across the way you want to at times people tend to right something in a short and non emotional way to get to the point you wanna talk to get her more invovled. Face to face is even better you can't see expressions over text and phone calls but if she not willing its better to talk on the phone at least you can go by her tone of voice, but females like men put up strong fronts she can act this why with you and cry after she gets off the phone or stop texting you, that's why face to face if you can pull a tear out of her she will open up and that's half the battle let her know how you feel and comfort her so that now you understand her le her know you wanna be there for her and you have just shared a special moment, now let her know you wanna be together andyou can't settle being friends cause there is no boundaries for what you will do for her. Go for the kiss if not the hug and hold. see how far you get. if not far don't mention it give her space and she will come around NO contact.


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  • If she is behaving this way, why do you want her back?

    Will it be fine with you if she keeps behaving like this as long as she has sex with you?

  • Just keep trying you may get dragged through the mud but it could all be worth it or it could just be a painful experience either way its better you learn when your young then know if its something you wouldn't want later cause its better to live with no regrets so if you want it. Take any and every oppurtunity it may work or you may realize move on but its best with trial and error. Listen to her stop taking control for min just listen be there until she has nothing left to say that solves the bringing it up problem then get what you gotta say in there yea it might be good to stay way from texting.


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