Ex wife wants daughter for Christmas?

She has not been much of a mother. Practically abandoned us for a while there. She lives in a very bad neighborhood and out of state. Also there is a court order preventing her from taking our daughter out of state. Should I let her have our daughter overnight anyways?


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  • IF there is a court order preventing her from taking her out of state, then don't let her. If, in the future, there is some sort of custody argument over her taking your daughter when she wasn't supposed to, or where she wasn't supposed to, the best thing for you will be able to say that you abided by the law set down. Of course, if you want to let her see the child, then make her stay somewhere near you and in-state, perhaps with a family member? I'm not sure how the situation is.

    Take it from someone that, as a kid, grew up in the midst of custody battles, it is best to follow the court's guidelines. Fudging is all well and good, but if you are being nice and letting her see the child when not court-mandated, then you make the rules.

    Anyway, it's Christmas. I thought the custody thing was one Christmas Eve, one Christmas Day? That's the way they've always done it in our state.


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  • Depending on the girls age, I think you should ask her first. If she says no then suggest that her mother come spend the holidays with you. I'm sure both parents could be civil toward each other for the sake of their children. If your girl says yes then let her go. Simply call the same night to check up on your daughter and if she doesn't like it then offer to pick her up...depending where it is.

  • I would say no if she wants to see her daughter she can some to you and stay in a hotel. I would just worry about something happening to your daughter or her taking her. If your daughter is older you could ask her how she feels about it but really it would be a safety issue for me. I would not let my son go if I was in that situation.


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