Somewhat of a dilemma? IDK, help please.

It's been a month since I broke up with my gf. We talk regularly and everything. We broke up because it was just not getting anywhere (I'm a sophomore in high school and she's a freshman. We both can't drive by ourselves). Well last night she IM'd me and asked for a sad song she could listen to. I asked why, she told me that I wouldn't want to hear it, but I wanted to know what was eating her. She told me that she started talking to her ex from summer (who is in my grade, and is a complete scrawny pot head retard). But her summer ex was also talking to another girl who happened to go to the same party as my ex, and the girl started talking about how he was going to ask her out. Well the dude also asked out my ex but she declined because I'm guessing of the girl.

Idk, when she told me this, I got p*ssed and logged off on her. What should I do, and how should I do it?


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  • I don't get why you got mad it doesn't make sense

    • I thought she wanted to just talk with me, but she just wanted a song for me to show her to make her feel better about her situation. I care for her, I was a wimp of a boyfriend, quite pathetic actually, and I know I can do better now. It just her me when she brought up the dude.

    • That's probably why she just wanted a song so she didn't have to tell you about the guy. So it's not really her fault

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