Do you think he is cheating on me?

Okay so there is this guy and we have been dating for a while and he asked me to be his girlfriend like 3 weeks ago. He never calls me or texts me I always have to call or text him & when I do he takes a long time to respond and he only responds like to two times before he stops. I really like him but he doesn't act like a boyfriend and when I ask him why he rarely can see me and why he never calls me he always says that he is busy or he thinks I am busy. Do you think he is cheating on me? What should I do?

( We have been very sexual but not too far )


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hard to say if he's cheating, but he certainly doesn't sound interested in your relationship.


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  • maybe he's just playing it cool and playing games with you..acting busy thinking you'll get more attracted to him because of it..


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  • I think that he kind do little bit of both. He is not interesting in your relationship and he is cheating on. Maybe he love you like that. You should be friends first then a relationship because you get to know the person and you tell him what you want from him you should earned sex before you lose Ur virginity to some guys you met


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