Ex keeps bringing up past memories?

Long story short, me and my ex broke up a little over a year ago after being together for 3 years. we rarely spoke up until Sunday night where we talked from 11pm to 4am after a bad night on his part..
He kept bringing up past memories such as saying things like:
"Do you still watch?" (things we used to watch together)
"Sometimes I wish I could go back to..." (A place we would always hang out at together)
and he would also bring up old inside jokes that i've completely forgot about until now and i'm surprised he even remembered.
He kind of surprised me by asking me if I had anyone who's been "keeping me company" lately... not sure what he meant by that haha.
Is it possible that he still has feelings? or is just trying to be friendly?


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  • Probably has feelings for you but doesn't want to fully ruin things by asking to get back together.


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