Why would my boyfriend just stop talking to me completely?

My boyfriend randomly just stopped talking to me. He won't answer my texts and calls, there very few he did answer were very vague. He said he doesn't know what to say, After I asked him what was wrong, what's going on. I know we are broken up now because its been nearly a week and he hasn't said pretty much anything to me. Last conversation we had on the phone was last Saturday he called me saying he wanted to hear my voice and he missed me. Then on Sunday I tried to get him to come see me (i live an hour away) and he said he couldnt come he'd see what he could do and that was it he stopped responding. He did go to a party 2 weeks ago and stopped talking to me for the whole night, then we talked after that he said he was sorry and that he just went out ]. I figured maybe he met someone knew and I've asked him that and he still won't text or call I even asked him if there was something I did still no response. He won't say anything.


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  • I personally think you should give him the silence treatment, do the same to him, so he is aware that you're not happy with his recent behavior.


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  • I find him Rude and Crude for behaving in this boyish way by Not being open to come clean with you to let you Know... Something is wrong.
    These are all Raised Red Flags here, dear, of Someone who is this Cowardly lion and doesn't want to come right out and tell you it may be over, he would rather you see you sit home and Suffer in silence.
    You seem to be your own detective and with the start of him Paining the town red until Last Sunday, now he is totally putting you on his pay no mind list as if to Hint with no hymning and hawing that... Maybe he met someone.
    If he is Acting far from a pussy cat and more like a bozo, then give him your own walking papers and the Silent treatment, should he try to come back with already have barked up the wrong tree.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You just need to stop trying to contact him and just give him space. He might have someone else who knows but he is being a jerk, he should tell you what's going on so that you can either work on it or walk away from it. But you don't need someone like him in your life, you deserve better. It literally takes a minute or less to answer a text he just doesn't want to talk to you. I know how you feel I went through the same thing and at first I kept sending lots of texts and he would not respond so I just stopped bothering and he eventually got back to me.

  • All you can do at this point is speculate, but of course, that's not going to do you any good either since you'll just have all these images in your head that'll make you feel worse.

    You obviously also can't force him to reply to your messages or calls. But I totally understand how not knowing why he's acting this way is torturing you. Is there any possibility to go confront him in person? I know you said he lives an hour away, but it's the weekend and it might well be worth it.


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