Guys, why do some guys get upset when I say?

... i would never date a guy who had been married before. It's my choice

If he was a good enough husband or person then his wife wouldn't have cheated or let him go. Women don't let go of a good catch. Dating a guy who has been married is like receiving old dirty second hand goods. If you weren't good enough for you ex wife... you are certainly not good enough for me


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  • Well, you are not wrong at all, it's very good to see you have standards for yourself and for the type of guy you want in your life. Keep it up. Don't bother about what other guys think of you, don't get upset, if they say something let them say, just ignore it thinking that it's nonsense. I can see nothing wrong with your thinking. Don't worry


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  • I'm going to hazard a guess that you've never been on a long term relationship then, cos if you had you would understand that sometimes things just don't work out.
    Some marry to young , some marry to soon , some people get married for all the wrong reasons. This should have no reflexion on there qualities as a potential future partner. It just means that for 1 of a 1000 reasons things just didn't go according to loves young dream.

  • I never been married but I never though of it like that. Thats a good point you make.

  • Omg! I feel the same way about a woman who's lost their virginity!

    Men don't let go of a good pussy!

    • women are all the same to men... with a bag on their head haha you have obviously been married before

    • God fucking no, I just said what I said to make a point. It was sarcasm, hence the anonymous nature of the post. Wouldn't want some nut job troll to take me seriously.

    • Happy to know you recognise you are a nut job. Mr. anon haha! I see you are bitter because your wife dumped you for someone else haha don't blame her

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