Have you ever realized you were in love with your ex after being broken up for awhile?

I think I'm being more infatuated but I just found myself saying I'd marry him!


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  • There are some exes that you never get over. Trust me. I have been with my share of women, but there are two from over 30 years ago that still mean something to me. In a way, I still love them because there was something there that I have not felt with any other women. With one, we broke up 3 times (well she dumped me 3 times). when she came back for a fourth I told her I loved her and I would always want her, but I could not trust her. SO, ask why you broke up with your ex and then ask what has changed. If the things that broke you up have not changed, you are headed for more heartache.

    • Can you answer this for me. I broke up with my ex about 3 times but it was because he wasn't meeting my needs of not showing any appreciation for me. Finally he said he was done and now after 3 months I'm realizing he did want to be with me and I was being overly pushy probably and now I want to apologize but he seems far gone now. Plus he's a drug addict so I feel way in over my head too. I just need some sense slapped into me...

    • A drug addict will always need his drugs more than any woman. If you want a decent life, get the hell away from him and get over him. There are plenty of men who are not druggies that you can find. My daughter was involved with a guy and he turned out to be a druggie.
      She is no longer with him because I told him to clean up or leave my daughter alone. she knew that, if she stayed, and he kept using, he would have had an accident.

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  • Often people who Breakup, Suddenly Realize to their Surprise that with the Missing the Kissing, they also Discovered that they were either 'In love with your ex' or Even... More so than ever before.
    I still have a husband out in Egypt and with being back in the states for 3 years now, we still continue our marriage from one another's not so much of a stone's throw country, Breakingup and Makingup a million and one times and over.
    The times when we are Apart, is when my own Heart starts to take over. I become like this crazy girl, Emailing him or going on Skype or our Google Circles, Pounding the keys in Anger with things that I am the angriest About... This is what I know is love.
    On his own part and from his own heart, he always comes back looking for me. This is what I call 'Unconditional love' and no matter if we stay "Ex" or Not, we still Mark an X in one Anther's... Hot spot forever.


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