How do you move on?

how do you get over someone? if your really in love with them but they don't love you how can you move on. It's honestly so hard but how do you do it? I mean life goes on right so how do I get out of this slump cause all I do is think about him and I'm so sad that he doesn't love me too


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  • Easiest way is to find someone else. Avoid all contact with them as possible. One thing that helps me get over someone is write a list of all the bad things about them. I think we tend to remember the good times but forget the bad times in situations such as this.

    • Thanks that's so true lol

  • The key is time and distraction avoid anything that makes you think of him be it songs, places or people that remind you of him and When you find yourself thinking of him just do something else to get your mind off him...Like work out, clean up the house...ect and with in a couple of months you'll be completely over him...


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