Girls, Should I not reply to my ex girlfriends texts?

She broke up with me cause she s moving away to a different school and didn t wanna do long distance and she likes this other guy that her and her friends hang out with and she said she would try long distance with him because he hangs out with them and is older and has his license and things so it s easier for them to hang out and hey started dating a few days after we broke up. I know it s not gonna last because she s not even sure if she wants a boyfriend right now. So now I need to know what to do if she texts me cause I know she will. And I wanna know what would hurt her more. Ignoring her texts she sends me? Or saying things along the lines of "You made your choice and left me for another guy. I think it s best that we don t talk." I need opinions on what would hurt her more. Please help. Thanks
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  • Trust me, to get under any girls skin is to ignore her existence. It works.


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