Inappropriate camp activities made my boyfriend lose feelings towards me?

So my boyfriend (now my ex) went to this freshman orientation camp in uni. Before he went he was in his usual attitude, very loving towards me, sending good morning/night messages to me etc. But after camp, his attitude changes. I don't feel he's as loving towards me anymore. The text messages seemed colder than before, and I know he's losing feelings towards me.

During the breakup, he also did mentioned that we both knew he's losing feelings towards me, tried to regain back those feelings but to no avail. (we were together for 3 mths btw). We did met up 2 days before the breakup, he was cuddling with me and we kissed, at that point of time I really dont know whether is he really loving me? (I'm trying to cut long stories short here)

After the breakup I found out that our local unis are very notorious in inappropraite camp activities, is like very intimate (eg. guy on top of girl doing pushups, spreading cream on a topless guy's body and asking a girl to lick it off from his body etc.) I wonder is that why he's losing feelings towards me? Or is it just 2 different matters? I can't really get the link between this...

I may put more updates to this, so stay tune XD
If he's losing feelings why did he want to cuddle and kiss me? taking advantage or what?


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  • So, the issue seems to be that he had a spark with other girls. He wants to start exploring again, he wants something new. You're not the problem, from what it seems, he's just hungry for more fish

    • so there isn't love between us at all right?

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    • so it's more like unfaithful right?

    • More like, no longer interested.

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  • if he is the type of person that would participate in that stuff while he's still with you, then he's unfaithful and the breakup was going to happen one way or another anyway. your better off being with someone who would take a relationship with you more seriously and be more faithful.


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