I never did anything to hurt him, why is he rubbing his new love in my face, it seems?

I never did anything to deserve this, and why is insisting on being friends. .. I feel so trapped cause on one hand we are very good friends, but on the second hand I have to pretend I have no feelings for him when actuality I do... but I think he hates me secretly, and he's rubbing his new affair in my face... He acts like I wasn't in love with him, he acts like I don't even matter that's why I gave up, our relationship was a secret it seems, but he's loudly confessing his love for her.. why don't he just leave me alone, and be with her only, why does he do this?


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  • Why exactly are you still in touch with this guy? He's obviously making you feel miserable. If you cut him off, he wouldn't be able to rub anything in your face. So: get rid of him.


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  • if he hated u then i guess he'd never accept be friends wid u... right?
    and how he's "rubbin" his new affair in yer face? maybe he just mentioned his new affair but u took it as "rubbin" or he talks about her 24/7?

    • Well why can't he accept that I don't want the friendship right now and I just want to heal, why does he care so much if I'm in his life or not.

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    • My actions shows it, and I'm going through a lot of changes and I've tried to explain this, but he won't take know for an answer. And it's hard too cause we kind of work together, so I pretend that everything is fine, and I smile, and I talk, joke and laugh back when our team is around but he knows me better than that, he knows it's an act. I could feel he knows, it's all in the way he looks at me, that why I have such a hard time looking in his eyes, he's knows I'm lying, he knows there's more to it,... my question is if he knows all this why he keeps pushing for this fake friendship, i can't offer him anything. I don't know why he doing this, why? why would you continue to push for it, if it was u? What would be ur reasoning? He knows the pain I'm in.. i hear him tell his friends to come talk and sit with me if he sees me alone, it's no problem I get along, but why does he care so much, he has another girl. So, why why is he doing this?

    • "i hear him tell his friends to come talk and sit with me if he sees me alone, it's no problem I get along, but why does he care so much,"

      ^maybe... this gal he's seein now's just a rebound and he still has feelings towards u?

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