Mornings seem to be the worst?

It's been some months since my ex broke up with. I am overall feeling alright during the day and night, but mornings still hit me hard. They were the best when we were together, every morning was a new day and I would wake up with a smile on my face by thinking about him, how much I love him and now greatful I am for having him in my life. He was basically the only thing in my life that was good and right, since a lot of bad stuff happened to me in the past few years. Well now he's gone too and those morning turned to nighmere. Now I wake up every morning and first thing I think about is how we're not together anymore and how I don't have my sweet mornings anymore. Then I cry. I literally cry every morning. Then I get up, myself a coffee and shortly after I'm alright again. Until the next morning. And so on in circles... Did anyone went through the same thing? When is it gonna get better?


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  • Ha! Another break up story. Yeah i know how u feel girl. Its alright, it will fade in time. You see, u just have a big hole in your life circle. You just need to fill the empty space that u gave to him. Think bout it, you're fine without him before remember?
    Basicly, he knock on your door. You welcome him with an open arms, you gave him a room to stay. And he give u something in return. Now he's gone, you miss the something he gave u, the room's now have all this memory of him sometimes makes u hard to breath just to think bout it. Maybe i'm wrong? doesn't matter, they're all pretty much the same. Advice?
    Find the room, put all his thing to a box or something and make it hidden. Fill the room back to whatever you want. Its your life, remember? No more you and him coz he bail on you, he gave up on you. So, back on your own. Put your face high and never look back.
    IF u love him, Love, LOVE we're talking bout here, got it? Then dont forget him. There's a phrase that says, "never know what you got till its gone". You know what i really hard to find these days? Loyalty. You got that, he'll be back to have that back. Fiuhh, thats long enough.
    If you found all of this nonsense, just skip it, delete it, incinerate it, burn it, wait, is it the same? Yeah whatever, you know what i mean. Its your life, remember?


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  • Okay you said he's gone? meaning? he is gone out somewhere out of town? relocated elsewhere? or you two have broken up?

    • He dumped me.

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    • Yeah I do want him back...

    • okay, then you know it's going to be difficult for you but then have you tried contacting him? did he even give you a reason when he dumped you? or he just did it out of the blue? Well, by your post it really seems like you both had a lovely relationship hence it's not possible he can just forget about you and if you were his first love. I don't want to give you any false hopes but a person can never truly forget their first love, hence I am sure he still thinks about you, he still remembers all those moments and may be he would want to come back to you, I mean I am just saying it's a possibility, but it's up to you to decide how right I am. Hence just wait it out for some time and see what happens or you can try contacting him but try not to be desperate.

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  • I don't have that exsperience, can't help


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