Why did my ex change?

my boyfriend and I broke up 7mnths ago. He's a completely different person now... and he's with a girl that's SO different than me. DO you think it's just a phase?! we hung out a lot during our break up and he talked about us being together again. ALSO we've broken up in the past and gotten back together. Ugh, I'm just scared he's changed for good.


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  • May be he has changed and may be it is a passing phase. Only time will tell.

    However, considering that you are surprised at this change, it means that you know the genuine him and this is a passing phase. However, you should live your life (not just wait for him). If it has to work out, he would change back and return.

  • People change for may reasons, quite often it because they're just not sure what they want. It may be a phase, it may not be, unfortunatley only time will tell.

    You seem to be asking whether or not you should get back with him if he ever asks you directly, and the 'simplest' (and I use the term very loosely) answer I can give is to ask yourself when you look at him and talk with him: "Is this the man I grew so fond of?", if his behaviour and the way he talks to you aren't the the way 'him' you knew would, then you're probably better off not with him.


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