What kind of outcome could this possibly lead to and has anyone ever been in this kind of situation?

My ex and I broke up last night amicably after being together after 6 months- the reason we broke up. It's him and not me, and while that cliche line is used as a main source to soften the blow as really saying to the girl " I just don't want to give you a real reason" this is not the case. Where can I start his past has left him broken, while the details of his upbringing are not relevant, it has had an impact on his interpersonal relationships. He has had a string of bad relationships, has been used, lied to, cheated on, has suffered a case of unrequited love. He chose the path of therapy in order to deal with his issues. Therapy has changed him greatly. Has changed the dynamics of our own relationship. Anyway, he says that he loves me, but right now as a best friend. Cares for me. That I'm very dear to him. We have been through a lot with each other and overall had fun. Had a very passionate sex life, confided in one another. He is leaving the door open but making no promises. Right after things settled last night and we talked, shared tears. We ended up having sex and I don't feel guilty or bad about it. It's just that neither of us have ever slept with anyone outside of being in a relationship with anyone and we don't sleep with people for the fun of it. He did admit that he is very attractive to me as I am to him.


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  • I went through the same issue, what's happening is he does love you and cares about you because he wants to deal with his issues and he knows he is not ready for a relationship and does not want to drag you along, so he basically put you in a friendzone so he knows when he is ready you will be there, but its risky because the question is can you handle that... Hopefully everything goes well for you because I can see you really love him... Good luck sweetie


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