How do you deal with your conflict loving Ex when you have kids?

If you had kids and now you are no longer together, how do you deal with conflict when it arises? Do you have an ex that thrives on conflict? What strategies have you used to minimize the conflict and do what's best for the kids?


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  • Keep them in contact.


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  • Bruh just tell your kids, "yo look, daddy used to know this broad and everything daddy did with her was a mistake. Now she won't leave daddy alone and i always have to deal with this broad because she won't go away. Hopefully things will change soon though." Kids gonna know so you might as well be a stand up guy about it to them.

    • I don't disagree. The problem is, from a child's perspective they are part me and part her. If she is not viewed well (or presented as such) they could interpret t as part of them is bad as well. I'm thinking that taking bad behavior of the ex that the kids are exposed to presents a learning opportunity - discuss appropriate options for how to handle similar situations and feelings and what options may be inappropriate. Eldest son briefly followed his moms lead of physical abuse when he was angry and wrote it off as "I have a temper" just as she does. Thankfully he seems to be past that. It does raise a question though, why is female onale violence more acceptable...

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