I fell in love n I can't stop thinking about him knowing the truth?

I met this guy on chat, i thought he was 27 and he came out to be 37. I did not knew he was 37. by the way. We dated through chat for 1week, since i had trust issues. The thing was that he asked me for nudes, and since i was not able to send that i had to cut him off. But then, again he promise me marriage and everything. But we never made it. Through 1 week again i was a little suspicious and i did some research thanks to his phone number i found his profile in fb. And he has 2 kids and a wife! I was pissed off and I made him to apologize to me, n he said he was working on a divorce. Then, i texted him again and he sent me a video where he was materbating. He said that i turn him on. So we started flirting again yet i fell horrible since he is married. So i trusted him again and he ask me for nudes and i only sent him my boobs he wanted me to put my face in it but i didn't want to he also wanted me to show myself naked which i didn't want to and he said that i always lie and that he didn't want to continue fighting with me for it. So i fight him because he just made me feel like the only important thing he wanted was the nudes. So i thought well if he was not truthful to me in the beginning about him being marry what else can i expect. So, when he was always asking me about nudes i thought this is not a healthy relationship so, what i did i told him that we should stop thus because i just can't do nudes. Accept talking to me only without nudes. So he just said i want nudes i want ur boobs i want ur butt i want u! So i just clicked on him. But, i can't seem to stop thinking about him, its shameful that i still think about him knowing he is with his wife n kids. He says he lives in separate rooms um i dont believe that...
Also, because I am still a virgin! And since he had nver had a virgin before... and me well i haven't had any experince since that is new to me but, he doesn't get he has made me feel like... u know..


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  • This guy is obviousley using you. First, if any one asks you for nudes, cut them off especially after only one week. They don't care about you they care about sex. I'm sorry but you can and need to do better then this guy. If they want nudes they only want sex. If he says he loved you in a weeks time, he is playing you, trying to manipulate you into doing what he wants, which by extention means he is only out for himself and in this situation that means sexual gratification. You deserve more. Don't talk to this guy or any guy who has similar behavior.


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  • Believe This then, sweetie, and Understand This... He is this Turn off that only wants to see you naked, only wants pix and Doesn't want to go beyond and above Any Call of Duty.
    He is not just Married with children here, dear, he is this Pervert who is Most Probably floating behind the computer curtain in a dead end relationship with a wife and kids, bored with his own sex life because this is why he is 'Masterbating' in a Vulgar video he Sent to you.
    You have his number, move on from him. Delete this clown and forget he is alive. You are far from the Only girl he is jerking off to and Asking for raw deals that are No Big deals to this Big Boob.
    Stay away from losers like this Online. They are Out there and Not looking for a nice girl, just looking for someone they can even do Skype with and do 'The Dirty' with on there as well.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you! Is that he seemed really serious. And I was blinded by all the nice things he said to me. But, its true what your saying! He also mention me about Skype! Your right! Thank you! 😊 I will delete him!

    • Smart cookie you are and You are Most Welcome.. Just Reach out to those who want to Get to know you for You and the Others toss out with the trash.:)) xxoo

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  • Honestly, Get yourself away from this situation and never look back

    • Yes! Ill definitely do that! Thank you! 😊

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  • oh no! i hope u dont send him nudes anymore. he doesn't love u, i have to tell u this straight because it's the truth! u have to accept this my dear! i believe you r not the only one he's after, he's probably after many other naive girls like u, asking for nudes. there's no love in between the both of u.

    • Before, I believed that we can actually work this out because of the love he mentioned. But, then its like how will this be ppssible if he is married, its not easy gettig divorce and especially the fact that he was not being respectful towards which led me to not only stop doing the nudes but, because i dont want that same situation to happen to me when i get married. And yes, he didn't loved me he just wanted the nudes! Thank you!

    • 😊😊😊😊😊😊

    • I've watched a video about a girl and a married guy. Totally same situation as u, except for the nude part, that married guy in the video asked for sex instead of nudes.

      U can't trust a man who says love u but is married and have children. It just doesn't make sense at all, right? Well maybe it does but, it's just wrong.

  • Most people ffrom chat are fucked up arseholes. They prey on innocent but naive minds.

    • Im going to keep away from chats for now on. Thank you! 😊

  • Stop talking to him he is using you, then once he is done he will discard you. There are plenty of men out there that are not disgusting like him. He is married and that is disrespectful to his wife and kids. Ignore him before you start to like him too much and get your heart broken k

    • Thank you! I will delete him and block him! 😊😊😊

    • You're welcome and. I'm glad to hear that because you honestly you deserve better and you there is someone out there for you who will treat you way better ☺️

  • How old are you?

    Sometimes a part of me really hopes that posts like yours aren't real, but I know these things happen. Unfortunately.

    He is using you. Whether he is a pervert who just wants to get off or someone who will eventually use your nudes to blackmail you (you wouldn't be the first young girl to fall for that sadly), we don't know that yet. What we do know is he is not a decent man and does not have serious or good intentions. First of all, he lied to you, about his age, his married status, his kids (god knows what else). Second of all, he is asking you for nudes. A guy who cares about getting to know a girl and wants to establish a serious relationship with her does not ask for nudes, he also does not send her videos of himself wanking. Also, don't you find it suspicious he insists on having your face in the photos?

    Stop talking to this guy immediately. Block him. Now. Depending on your age (I ask because often people's age on here isn't correct) you might consider telling someone about this whole thing.

    • I'm 24. Yes, i always kept that in mind of why he wants my face on my photos, i thought if we get mad or we stop talking to each other he will share or add them to a nude site. But, thank god i kept that in mind always! I never thought that because he just said that part of a relationship nudity is part of it, and like me so out of mind i believed him. But, I thought yes there is nudity but if the person is here next to u not in a screen. That was one of our fights too. Yes, I will stop talking to him, im realizing many things! Thank you! 😊😊😊😊😊

    • Good! I'm glad to hear/read that you're ready to cut him off. Best of luck for your future :)

  • It's very possible that they live separate lives, and sleep in separate rooms. . U go by someone fb status.. Please I haven't even thought to change that.

    • Not only his status, his pictures all in public. Which by the way he was not very aware of using fb. Because he never figure out how I found him if i didn't knew his whole name... but, he did gave me his cellphone number. Thank you! 😊

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