Girlfriend of 4 years cheated :(


the info is on there. please read? :)

also: tonight she told me that a few months ago she smoked weed at another guys house just them two and that there's two guys who she's been to their house a few times just to hang out and swears nothing happened. she also admitted to having given out her number and email when guys have asked for it over the years.


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  • i honestly wouldn't be okay with my boyfriend going to party or have dinner with other girls. I would be mad at the fact that he fell asleep in one of their beds.

    Your going to have trust issues, maybe forever with her.

    I have always believed the "once a cheater, always a cheater" and no one has proved me different.

    If you do want to continue to be with her, I would just keep a VERY close eye on things.

    but in my opinion, you could do better.


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