It's not that I'm jealous you are with maria, I just want space to heal from u choosing her? Why do u insist on keeping touch?

I do honestly wish him well, it's clear she's better for him than me, well he chooses her. But why are insisting remaining close, why are u still checking up on me. You don't have to. When I heal from this all i will call you. Until then go be with her. I won't call, or text you anymore right now I can't be just your friend right now. I wish u luck.


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  • It takes two to stay in touch. Why are you cooperating? He hurt you, and you need time to heal. That won't happen with him and his new girl in your face. Don't respond to his texts, don't answer his calls, other than to ask that he leave you alone.

    • Thank you so much, for understanding what I'm trying to say. I feared coming off as bitchy, or jealous. But, I can't be there its painful for me. Thanks again

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