When it comes to CHEATING.

i have never cheated on my girls, it was always easy for me to say no when the opportunity presented itself. becuase of this and people telling me how it felt I've always turned down girls who cheated on their guys before no matter how hot or compatible the second I find out I let them know I WILL NOT be serious with you.

is this an obsolete way of thinking?

is it fair?

does everybody cheat?

am I being unreasonable to to hold women to MY standards?



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  • I don't think you should be that strict... people change, girls and guys. And from what I've seen it always depends on the person someone is with. People cheat when they're not happy with what they have, and unfortunately most often instead of being honest and telling their partner that they're unhappy/not ready to be serious/etc, they just do it behind their backs. It doesn't necessarily make them horrible people though, because at a later point in time and when they have found the right person, they will be faithful. I think people deserve second chances and as long as the girl didn't cheat on you, you should look past what she might have done a long time ago (but its always good to find out WHY she did it and to who!)


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  • i think it's completely fair I think cheating becomes a habit for most people that's why they sy do it once you'll do it again..not everyone cheats...i don't think it's unreasonable at all..i feel the sameway


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  • I'm with you on this one. I wouldn't date a girl, knowing she cheated on someone.

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