Girls, What would make an ex girlfriend want you back more?

I'm gonna ignore my ex when she texts me just so she can pay the price for what she did to me. Or should I reply to her ( even if its just to say something mean ) or i be matrue and have a conversation but keep my replies short. What would make her want me back more? Not answering? or answering?
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  • she might not want you back at all. ignoring her to get you to want u back just makes you desperate. ignore her beacuse she hurt you, not because you are playing some head game.
    if you want to answer her, then answer her because you WANT to.

    • Im not trying to get her back. Im moving on.

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    • Okay good. its been a few weeks but im not expecting a text or anything for another couple of months. But Thanks :)

    • welcome :) good luck! haha

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  • I would go no contact for 30 days so things will not be as emotional. It gives both of you time to reflect and do not respond to her until the 30 days are up. She will want you more and see your value. You want her to beg to talk to you. When you do talk keep the conversations light and always be the one to finish it first. Say you have to go or have plans. Make her see you have a life and aren't going to wait around for her.

  • dont answer make her jealous

  • If she's lonely


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