How to let the guy keep wondering if I like him or not?

how to let the guy keep wondering if I like him or not? on net..


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  • apologies if I got this wrong: but do you mean you want a way to make a guy wonder if you like them or not? If thts the case, why? Do you like him?

    • Lol yes I do. and I already told him that. he did tell me that he like me too. but wht I want is to let him wonder if I really do like him or if am playing wth him. because I do the same. sometimes I hesitate he does, although he told me that.

      hope you got me :)

    • Ic, lol. But isitn't simpler to just be together... or do you want to play with him for a while? XD

    • Hehe, I would like to be with him and yes its much simpler, but I feel I have to play with him for a while, since he is doing the same. although he told me he likes me and I did too, but I still hesitate he does, and same here. I guess he is a player. and I can be the same if he wanna act like that.

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