Why did he contact me?

My ex boyfriend of 2 1/2 years told me he was moving on about a month ago. I met with him after a week or a half after that and told him all that I had realized about our relationship and how I thought we could fix things. He started crying when I was telling him what I had thought about our relationship and that I wanted to get back together. When he left my house, he told me that he would be in contact. I haven't heard from him until today. He text me to tell me hi and Merry Christmas. He also told me that he hoped I had a great day. I did not expect to hear from him at all. I'm not sure what it means that he texted me. Did he text me because he misses me or is he just stringing me along?


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  • well I think you shocked him when you told him that you thought about the relationship you two had and that you wanted to fix it. if he begins to continually talk to you again, maybe he wants to fix things too. you just need to ask him straight up if he wants to get back together or if you two are done. I know you are curious, but men hurt just like women do with break ups. give him some time and he'll let you know what he wants, even if you have to ask him.


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