Boyfriend acting different?

Hello everyone appreciate your time. My boyfriend and I have been good friends for a year and a half and we started five three months ago after liking eachother for a while. He'd always compliment me. Telling me everyday I was so beautiful , and before leaving to class he'd give me the perfect sign with his hand. At lunch he'd ignore his friends and hold my hand and just look at me and we'd talk and laugh. We'd FaceTime almost every night. For hours. He would always talk to his friends about me, and also FaceTime me while with other friends. He opened up every weekend to me. He was a great boyfriend. Knew he really loved me. Well.. Things were good in the summer. Then he went it military camp, came back, we agreed to face time he said he couldn't wait to see my face. After that, never heard from him. His phone broke. But he wasn't making any effort to communicate with my like he did when he got grounded. Then one day I get an email saying I deserve someone who can treat me better. Never responded to me. He says he "has alor going on " but won't actually talk about it. His family tells me he's been rude and different at home. Snd s few days ago I said do you even care about me anymore and he said no. Whereas he's been so in love with me. Like enamored with me and he would always talk about me to his family as well. He just doesn't care for me anymore. I know there's no other girls. He doesn't have girlfriends and he also made it clear to me there wasn't. I said are you ever going to come back around and he said I hope so?


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  • Its pretty obvious from the description youve given that he's a relatively decent guy. He's most likely dealimg with sensitive issues, leading him to being anxtious and unsure of himself. Probably having an internal battle with himself...
    If you love him and believe in him, you will stick by him, break down the walls he has built up and support him until he gives you a true reason to leave him.

    I understand your probably nervous and very confused, but trust yourself and have more confidence.

    • Well, I've tried to be a friend but he has no expression when he sees me whereas he'd have a big smile. I asked him if I could sit with him at lunch and he said no. Asked if he wanted a ride to school and said no. So that makes me feel unconfident. I haven't talked to him in a few days. I just stopped because I feel as if I'm making a fool of myself

    • Hon, i know how scared you are, i myself have been in afew situations which have affected my self esteem. But with this, if you. Dont get a straight answer from him it will drive you crazy.

      Steel ur nerves, dont worry what people or his friends will think or you. If he won't give you a straight and honest answer then confront him, tell him how you feel, whether or not your willing to work with him to maks it work. Tell him EVERYTHING and get it of your chest. And if then he's still the same... then at least you tried and no one can judge you for that.

  • he might have just been infatuated and have gotten over it.

    • That is also something to consider but with what he said to you its unlikely...

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