Help started missing her again?

Ok so it's been a few months ince I've posted on here last. I have posted about my break up before on here & have more detail on the break up in bast posts. I've been doing great since my last posts I've been pretty good I'll think about her from time to time but not really miss her until now I've been sick & had a dream about her the other day which made me want her back so bad but she didn't care about me enough to give me another shot but I still dot understand why? All I ever did was care about her! I would take care of her when she was sick or I would be with her when she was lonely all I ever did was try to make her feel wanted. Only bad thing I ever did was once being a dumb ass early on in our relationship I had a little bit of trust issues because she said she wouldn't cheat on me in the right frame of mind which made me paranoid so I checked her phone once which I apologized for & she forgave me. Then through out the relationship I would ask her insecure questions trying to feel secure which I get could be annoying but the only reason I would ask is because she several times through out our relationship would say things like "it's not like will last", "I feel sorry for what ever guy knocks me up" or "will have to break up eventually because I don't do long distance" she would say things like that & it made me feel insecure ruined my confedence & made me not feel wanted. I don't know if I was in the wrong or not plus I don't know why she doesn't want me back. Im sick & tired of feeling this way! I have 3 questions for yall? From what you've read past or present what's going on with me on why I can't get over her in y'all's opinion? Was it my fault it ended in ya'lls opinion? Lastly why do y'all think she won't give me 2nd chance?


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  • Well, from what I've read now, I say it doesn't sound like completely your fault. Why did she say "it's not like we'll last" or "I feel bad for the guy who knocks me up", or "we'll eventually have to end cuz i don't do long distance relationships", why would she say these things? We're u guys just temporarily dating?

    Also, the red flag I read was that u always tried to make her happy & be there for her but was she there for you as much u were there for her? It sounds like you invested your time, heart & energy into a girl, who made u feel constantly like ur relationship wouldn't last & gave u doubts about the relationship through her comments, so it made u insecure where u felt like u had to do whatever to make her happy. I'm not sure if this is correct, so forgive me if I'm wrong but I'm just trying to understand the situation. Or do u think maybe you came into the relationship kind of insecure already & maybe that caused the relationship to go down hill? Not trying to be mean or anything, just asking.

    I mean I see that maybe the trust issues could have played a part but i think she played apart too cuz she obviously made u feel like your guys relationship was unstable. Did she say why she felt your guys relationship wasn't going to last? Also, im not sure why she wouldn't take u back Maybe its due to your trust issues or it could be something else or could just be her & not u.

    • Lastly, i think u can't get over her cuz you care about her & invested so much of yourself into her. Break ups are just hard but u do get through them. :) Hope what I says makes since and helps u. :)

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    • Okay then make since & all the info u provided helped me understand your guys relationship better. Don't feel like an idiot, I mean you cared about her, and when u really care about someone u will go way and beyond for them, sometimes we di too much but we learn from it. Just hope that after what u been through with this relationship, u find someone special that makes u happy. :)

    • Thanks for MHO. :)

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  • Sometimes it isn't the person you miss... it's the memories together

    Trust and emotional security are paramount for any relationship to work. No matter how much someone loves you or wants to be with you... they can't if the relationship causes them to feel insecure.

  • Dude, sometimes the better thing is to take a break. My guy friend told me he needed his space, and he was around campus flirting with other girls, and I didn't questioned him about it. So, it was not worth it. We don't even speak. Is better just to focus on your own self for a while. And it helps to move on.


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