Girls, help me please!!! ?

My girlfriend broke up with me she was frustrated and irritated for two weeks with me she says i was pushy, clingy and needy when she broke it off she said she still loved me she would text about random stuff she said i should have come to see her for my birthday etc lots of mixed signals i finally told her i can't just be her friend she got mad and swore the whole nine yards again im needy pushy etc again she texts me today about getting my fishing pole i haven't texted her back amd dont wanna keep irritating her what do i do i want her back she even said when she calms down enough we could maybe be back together im so confused what do i do


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  • ... She says i was pushy, clingy and needy when she broke it off...
    It appears, @JT3976X, you have a lot of changing to do to Change your silly stripes that are Frustrating and Irritating your Now Ex with here, dear.
    It's never too late to transform for a mate and let her see another side to you that she has never seen before.
    You need to First take your finger off the button so much because you are pushing a few of hers and blowing up her phone with these 'Clingy, Needy' Sweetie messages that are bugging her on her own end. This has to End right now.
    Give her a break, some space and time for you Both to cool down and let everything settle itself.
    When the dust does settle, go see her to let her believe it is for your 'Fishing pole.' This will give you a chance to try and drum up the romance and Fish around in her heart some, along with giving her a Huge apology for Not to 'See her for my birthday.'
    Talk things out and see what compromise you both can come up with. It doesn't have to necessarily mean it has to end where there is plenty of other fish in the sea, but you do have to show her, even if it means starting from scratch, that you can change, and let Nature do its own Rearranging from there.
    Every dog has its day and let's hope you get yours Back.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Uhh you could text her back with a day that your going to go pick up the fishing line. Wait like an hour or two before texting her you won't make it because something came up. And she be wondering what came up. If you like her you have to keep it interesting

  • Have you done no contact? She seems to be all over the place and I think both of you need time to get out of such an emotional place. I would do 30 days no contact. When she contacts you, don't contact her back. She will be the one wondering why, she will be the one chasing you. Show her you're value by not being accessible to her. Don't break the 30 days because then you'll have to start all over again. You want her to see you in a different light. You want her to see your value and she needs to reflect on what mistakes she has made as well. Don't be accessible to her... at least not for a while.


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