My ex started school again and I just want to know how he's doing?

We broke up 5 months ago because we were in a LDR and we couldn't close the distance. We were 3 years together. He didn't finish his studies when we started dating because he got a serious illness that also mentally affected on him (he was depressed, anxious and very antisocial for a long time, he would just sit at home and play video games). I was his first serious relationship and he was very attached to me. He said I was the only thing he was excited about. Well I tried moving there but I couldn't get a job there and he had no money for both of us. All of that started to stress him out. He felt not enough for me and he wanted to get his life in order. He was aware that he needs to change, he was even going on consuling every week. Then he decided to go back to school and then find a job. But he broke up with me. He said that he needs to clean his mess and wants to get his life in order before starting any relationship, that he just wants to focus on studies. I understand him but it broke my heart. I wanted all of that for him, but WITH me, he didn't need to dump me. But I do understand in one hand, the distance was hard and it was impossible for us to life together at the moment, at least not for more couple of years. Anyways, we haven't talked in awhile and I heard his school started a week ago. I know how anxious he is and how hard it must be for him to actually start having responsabilities, even waking up early morning. It's a big change for him and I just want to know how he's been doing and hows at school. I am pushing aside all my feelings for him, it makes me feel sad knowing that he is gonna have a good social life now, that he is gonna go parties and meet new people and other girls, it is bound to eventually happen that he starts dating someone and forgets about me. I made piece with it and I am also moving on. The last time we talked I told him I love him and that I can't be friends. He didn't call since then. Should I call him and ask about school?


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  • I think you should leave it alone. I also think that most likely on an unconscious level, you want to contact him to get back into his life because like you say, you are scared of him having a social life and perhaps meeting someone new. Let it go. It will just open up old wounds and create new ones if you call him now.


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  • Sorry sweetie but i think he wants to move on and u should do same and i really understand ur feeling i have been going through this cuz i am currently in a ldr , and my boyfriend started pushing me away few months ago but i talked to him about it i told him i love you just like u did and i even suggested him to break up but he said no he started making more efforts to make me happy since then , it proved me that he truly loves me eventhough we hve been in long distance for more than one year , and i know he is stressed about our future together cuz its really dark and unknown but it didn't stop us from being together.
    what i try to make u understand is that if this guy really wanted u he would have tried hard to make u happy even if u r from another planet cuz love is stronger than anything else so u should move on and forget about him he is not the right guy for u u deserve someone who makes u happy.
    Dont depress try to be happy i know its tough since u really love him but life is life we have to live with the absence of people we lose ^^ Go out meet new people do many activities and hopefully u will feel better
    if u need to talk u can message me anytime i know ur situation sucks and is tough :/ Love ♡♥

  • I don't think you should. Let's say he is still in a recover process.

    You can bring to him past situations that might not fit his new life.

    He should the one that contacts you.

    You have good intentions but be careful, I clearly see you are haven't moved on.

    This is a dangerous zone for you.


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