Guys, what do I do about my confusing ex?

So my ex boyfriend and I have been broken up for several months now, we dated for almost two years and were best friends. The reason for our breakup was the fighting and he wanted to be single and not tied down by anyone, I was extremely upset over it and acted desperate to get him back. He didn't seem to be interested so I met this guy and him and I started spending time together. As soon as my ex found out he started texting me random questions and stuff to get my attention, one thing seems to lead to another and we hooked up, this seems to be a reoccurring thing about once every 3 weeks, it's like when he knows I'm moving on he comes back and ruins it all. He also constantly brings up when he does stuff with other girls to make me jealous but then says he dumped me months ago and he's not trying to because he doesn't care, but if I bring up things I did with someone he gets red and the face and seems to get jealous too. He's tried talking to my friends and texts my friends stuff to try making me jealous when he knows I'm with them. Is he just using me or does he do this stuff to make me stick around? Help!


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  • Your both playing games, walk away and move on


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