Has anyone ever broke up because of the distance and then got back together after some time?


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  • so wot did he make him come back together?

    did u ever suggest this guy to start a LDR? i don't think distance should be a reson for breakin -up in my opinion

    • Distance can make people lose interest and attraction, it's not unusual, it's just natural.

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    • Sadly that is not enough, physical presence is a must. Especially if it has been going for a long time.

    • ok i understand i cannot change yer views :)

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  • Distance is not a reason to break up it really means nothing if u really love the other person , i would never break up with my boyfriend cuz of the distance its sure tough but if u do break up it means u gave up on the relationship and if u gave up once u will do it again ^^


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  • Yeah I'm not proud of it but I have. It didn't work out.

    • Why it didn't work out? Did you close the distance?

    • Yeah for me it was with a girl back in high school. We graduated and I moved away graduation day to go to college about 150 miles away. We stayed together and tried the long distance thing but over time we just grew apart; she had her life and I had mine, both of which didn't really involve each other. Then she actually cheated on me which ended it. Like an idiot I took her back when her fling didn't work out but it was just bad. I'm still casual friends with her, we talk very rarely and I still do care if she's doing ok. In a relationship sense that ship has sailed.

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  • LDR for little over a year nd still going strong here.

    U have to make the best of it.

    Of course not all people do well in long distance. Mayb it wasn't meant to b for the two of you.


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