Girls, should I break up with her?

My gf's parents are spending the month at our place. Whenever i get angry with my girlfriend, or if i try to talk to her about what she is doing that is bothering me, her dad steps in and doesn't allow me to continue the conversation. My girlfriend has been doing things that she promised she would never do and i have been trying to talk to her but her dad won't let me.

She continues to hide behind them and now she is finding ways to blame me
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  • Before Jumping the gun with this Smoking gun of a 'Girlfriend' here, dear, she and You Need to get together on the Almighty page and come to some sort of Compromise in your relationship.
    She has to Learn that if she wants and Intends to hold down any life and future with you, that she can't just hide behind her family's pants and skirts and Dad's... Big Shirks as well.
    If you do not put this to bed, you and your soul mate will never have a 'Life' Nor a 'Future.' It will always be a Family Affair and it's Fair that the Hatfields and the McCoys Intervene when there is a Problem in Paradise.
    It's good she loves her blessed family and all, but the writing on the wall is saying that even though the Family that Prays together, Stays together but this is One Daddy Dearest who needs to be put in his place and told that there is no Unity now, just a house that is nearly Divided instead.
    This is your roof and your nest too with your sweetie tweetie. Tell her to either handle things like a True mate with you Alone and stop pointing fingers at you, or you will fly the coop until the other Chirpy birds go back down south.
    Dad is being unfair and by him Enabling his little chick under his fatherly wing, she feels she can Squawk all she wants.
    Andy, there is a new sheriff in town, and I would let everyone know it.
    Good luck. xx


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What Girls Said 2

  • If you cannot handle that as a couple it is going to be difficult for you to handle other problems down the road. Instead of breaking up, you need to communicate better about the issues you are having and do so in private. This will not allow for her father to step in and stop it. Every couple has disagreements. It is not always something to break up over.

    • But isn't it wrong for him to step in and not allow us to communicate

    • It is, but that is not her fault. Why break up with her for something her father is doing. Also, I think it is inappropriate to be arguing in front of her parents in the first place. Go to another room in the house. It is none of their business.

  • If it were just her parents interfering , I would say wait out the month and then see how it goes. But her completely changing because they are there , is a bad sign. Still They won't be there forever, and the important thing is how you get along when they are gone.

    • If i wait a month, the way things are going, the honeymoon phase will end very quickly

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    • She doesn't want to talk about it.

    • She doesn't want to talk about your problems or things that are annoying you? Maybe they should all move out.

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