Help over some brooding questions?

any ladies here can shed some light, me and my girlfriend has been together since 31may2011, we pass the 4 years together this year. however we start fighting a lot right after our anniversary. and i have said some hurtful words when i was accused by her a lot. this is the 3rd time this big fight happens, the first 2 times i gave her space to cool off and i did my best and used lots of my wits to get her back. but shortly after a week or 2, fights happen again.

since now this is the 3rd time, and it look rather serious because this one time she removed her fb completely and blocked me on all platforms, skype/whatsapp/gaming platforms/ and even her phone.

this is her first relationship and is my 3rd relationship. she is currently 21 and i am 26


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  • It sounds like the relationship is falling apart and I think most of that is due to the lack of communication or misunderstanding. I guess take the time to make talk to each other to see what the problem is and solve it from there.

  • Give it a little more time, but just be prepared if it doesn't work out


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