I ruined the mystery by letting her know that I'm into her.

Hey everyone,

let me make this story brief. there is this girl I used to date while I was 16 and things went a bit bad because I was a bit too into her. After her I had a lot of other dating experiences and I changed as a person. We finally met again in summer 2009 when I went back home for vacation. We spent a lot of time together but nothing sexual happened. She is the only girl I'm not really looking at her for sexual reasons and she doesn't give that vibe. in other words she is a bit uptight when it comes to things we usually enjoy with girls. For me its a plus though because those girls are a bit rare to find these days and I need something bigger than only sexual attraction. After the summer ended I traveled back to Canada and I asked her if we can be together. She was like she doesn't want to lose me over a long distance relationship and that she does have feelings for me and what not but she is really sure we would lose each other if we did this long distance bull crap. I rushed into being with her because my fear is for her to find someone else so I tripped balls a bit. Anyhow I struggled to keep in touch with her while I was there and now I'm back Home and when I messaged her she didn't sound that excited of my presence. The thing is she waits for me to do all these moves and I'm not sure what would happen if I stop. I texted her and she was out of town till monday and I'm not sure if I should be calling her on monday or just waiting to see if she would approach me . I wouldn't be that concerned if she didn't mention that she had feelings for me but I do know that girls tend to lie and play games. What do you guys think I should be doing ? she keeps me hanging and she is the first one to be doing this to me. I can't act cocky when it comes to her and that's what is the problem. I know you ladies won't be interested if you know a guy is interested in you. I ruined the mystery by letting her know that I'm into her. Let me leave the advice to you guy. your help and honest feedback is appreciated thanks ladies

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just to make things more clear I'm 21 currently
I ruined the mystery by letting her know that I'm into her.
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