Is it possible that my ex girlfriend who broke up with me fell in love with a dude that she only knows since a week?

We've been together for 1.5 years.
she broke up with me 3 weeks ago and is seeing this dude everyday since 4 days. She stayed at his house last night. They only met 1 week ago.
could she be in love, or does she just loves the attention and could it be a rebound? They're not in a relationship yet!

She broke up with me because the spark was gone and she lost all of her feelings. She's 17 years old. That guy is 21.
She really acts like she hates me. She's saying that to friends. She's only with that boy or going out. Or just hanging out with other friends. The break up wasn't hard for her, she's finally free. That are her words. There's no contact at all between the 2 of us


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  • It's not love, she's not in love with him. Maybe just a little bit infatuated.

    • They snapchat each other all the time. She met his mates. She talk to him all the time. She says she over me and hates me. So again, you don't think she's in love?

    • You can't be in love so early, that's not love!!

Most Helpful Guy

  • It was over in her head before she broke up.
    Probably only broke up once he was lined up.
    There is girls like that out their in the world, learn to spot them and avoid them in the future, they are not good relationship material, just better as casual friends


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  • You're going to drive yourself crazy. Stop keeping tabs on her & move on with your life, but call the cops first, that guy is to old to be with her.


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  • Of course it's possible. Emotions in teenagers are very fickle.


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