Why would my ex and I keep hanging out off and on if nothing is going to come of it, this has been going on for a year?


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  • He likes hanging out with you and is getting what he wants - So why change the situation?

    • Does he like me?

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    • Look, if you're not going to take the answer just because it's not what you obviously want to hear, I can't help you.

    • We'll I think you got the wrong idea with what you said before

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  • Misery Loves Company & No One Wants To Be Alone.

    See the movie: Celeste & Jesse Forever

    • He has friends to get company from and he likes being alone at times

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    • He could, or he could keep playing house with you, where he doesn't have to put in a lot of effort.

    • We'll but then would he want to get back together? I'm confused on what your saying

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