My ex says he misses me but he broke up with me?

He's 18 I'm 20 and he broke up with me due to depression issues so why does he keep talking to me if he broke up with me !!!


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  • Do you still have feelings for him? It is clear that he still has feelings for you. He might have broken up with you because of his depression and he didn't want you to be a part of that or his feelings were all over the place with that. He's still interested but make him do to the work,

    • Yes I do and yeah he still wants to hang out and buy me a birthday present but he just throws me off cause I'd rather us be together and help him deal with it so he knows he's not alone and doesn't have to deal with it alone

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    • Yes I have told him that but he's very stubborn so it's hard to get through to him at times

    • You should tell him what you need. Stubborn or not no one should wait around for someone because if it doesn't work out... you're going to be heartbroken again. I know this isn't what you want to hear and I know this isn't going to be easy too do but you should tell him.

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