Ex Calls me and then stops, what should I do?

So me and my ex have been on and off for 3 years! I always have been in love with her since the beginning, I was the sweetest guy ever but she hurt me so bad that I started dating other girls. She noticed I was moving on and came back. Long story short, we've hurt each other emotionally, pretty bad. I was her first, and she was my first love! So I thought:( point is i waited for her over a year because I really wanted to make things work and she wasn't sure because she felt hurt... At one point she told me she didn't love me and didn't want to be with me, I tried making her see the I loved her but she didn't care. I stopped talking to her for 3 weeks, she comes back, and she still isn't sure if she wants to be with me, I get my hopes up and get hurt again. I cried to her and I left her told her I'm only hurting myself just trying to hold on. She said its true there's no point of me being there if she didn't love me. A month and a half passes by and she calls me 5 days ago saying she misses me and wants to see each other to see if we still have feelings for each other. But she tells me she has seen other people but she wants to be sure about us. I agreed, she told me she loves and can't wait to see me. It's been 3 days and we haven't talked at all. I'm confused! I'm tired because I feel like she is just playing me. I don't know if I should try calling her and tell her I'm done with her games or just stop answering her calls. But I still love her, so it's hard for me:(


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  • She is being ridiculous and I can't believe you've gone through this for 3 years. I totally understand your feelings but she is playing with yours. You've done everything you can do. I wouldn't be angry with her, it sounds like she is all over the place but I think you need to sit her down and tell her you've done all you can do and you do have these feelings for her but the thing is you feel she is going back and forth too much and that is hurting you. You have to put yourself first. Take control! Tell her you want her in your life but you have to put yourself first. If she still isn't sure about the two of you tell her you aren't either until she gets her act together. You've gone through all you can go through and it's either time to do this the right way or walk away. I would definitely do this in person and make sure you get clear answers. No one deserves to go through this. Let me know what happens!

    • Thanks! I'm just tired of going through this:( it hurts me because I love this girl so much and I thought she was the one. I hope she gives me clear answer.

    • I wouldn't give her any other choice than to give you a straight answer. If she doesn't walk out the door and stick to your decision. You will feel so much better about yourself by putting yourself first!

  • she's playing games. ignore her.


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