Will everything get better/easier?

I went through a really tough break up the beginning of April without really understanding why we broke up. He's transferring to a school 14+ hours away (he's going to be a junior but is now considered a sophomore because his credits didn't transfer... stupid right?). The beginning of summer we didn't really talk but towards the middle/end we started to become friends again and would say hi and stuff at parties or at the gym. I would see him literally at least 5 times a week. This was really tough for me because it made me just want to get back together with him. I recently did something for him to block me on all social media and this made me really upset but I honestly think it's for the best for me. He's leaving for school tomorrow and I still have a couple weeks left. Will it be easier now that I won't be seeing him at all almost as if he never existed? This still has been so hard for me and I just want things to get better. I do try everything too. I go out with friends, practice yoga, do things I enjoy, see a therapist, etc... I really keep myself busy but I just still love him so much the attachment isn't breaking. My biggest concern is him just hooking up with people but EVERYONE tells me how he's not even like that (I know this too but I just stress myself out) and that isn't even his main focus. He doesn't care for hooking up with girls every weekend. I also found out the other day that he hasn't hooked up with anyone all summer. If he didn't already, then I guess that really proves he doesn't care to. My friends always say to me "if he really wanted to, he would've by now." I just hate thinking this and I also wonder if this thought will get easier?


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  • it will gett easier with time.


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