Is my ex boyfriend trying to use me?

I broke up with my ex boyfriend because we kept fighting. I told him its best we cut off contact. He said " we were friends for 2 years before. Your like a best friend to me. I rather have you in my life then not at all" He said " just don't stop talking to me"

I said I love you too much to be just friends with you. He said " so you need time?" " I'm just fine with being friends" I tell him sure cause I have pl s of talking to him after this.

A a week later he texts me and send me a dick pic. Then suggest sex. i block him and ignore him. Then he gets upset and says " you haven't tried to contact me in months"

many friends call us the " longest break up ever". It's been 10 months and he still texts me and I still answer stupidly. A few days ago he reminded me of how we had sex in his car and he thought the faces I made were sexy. Then he sent me a pic of my old things at his house. We talked about his family and how I miss them.

Its just this big confusing mess I will never understand. We been broken up for a while but he still texts me and every now and then ( when he's horny) reminds me of the moments we shared as a couple. He just recently stopped sending dick pics after I ignored him for a while.


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