Is he worth fighting for?

Is he worth it?

We broke up a few weeks ago, it's been kind of hard on me my best friend says I haven't been my happy self like I was when him and I were dating.


• He broke up with me because I wasn't as open as him, (first boyfriend all)
•He says I was to shy. ( I was only shy because I didn't want to mess up)
•Our personalities were opposites.
•he felt like we were turning into FWB's.

He hasn't given me a good explanation of why he broke up with me.

He is actually a great guy we've known each other for seven years. I had a great time with him, I just know if I should stick with being friends with him he wants to. I think he is still in love with his ex that he broke up with eight months ago, he says he's over her.


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  • Communication is really important, and it never becomes a pointless activity to try to reopen that channel of communication between two people. From what you've said, I can see a few things from his perspective that might help sift out his actions. I'm assuming he knows he is your first real relationship, and people should be more understanding, but it isn't so simple. He expects you to grow with him and become more than you were before. I feel like he thinks the relationship has turned into something that he isn't interested in anymore. Call it boredom, or just the lack of excitement of wanting to date you, but now it's just you guys talking once in a while and sleeping occasionally. That, to him, isn't a relationship. He wants you to take the lead a little more and be proactive. I'm not blaming you, because I feel like someone who is saying these things should actually be doing their fair share of trying to help the relationship, rather than shift blame and run. I think you should try to talk to him and see if he's willing to work with you. That you do want to be with him. I can't say if he's worth fighting for. From what you've said, even if you get back together, most likely you'll just break up again. It's already in his mind that being with you is going to fail and he clearly got out when he felt that way. He just might be looking for someone else (not that you aren't a great person) but you both should be looking for someone worth being with.

    • I would ask him if we could work it out, but whenever I ask him things about what I did wrong, he will not answer me he won't even talk to me until the next day or when he has something better to say. Personally I don't even think I want to be with him, I kinda felt like he thought I was going to be exactly like his ex and no I'm not at all, he was very open to him but she was way younger then him and i.

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  • I don't want to tell you what to do because you know more than I do and it's your decision but remember to value yourself. He left what you had, even though he had reasons, still he gave up on the two of you. Would you ever do that to him? What's keeping you from fighting for him and what's keeping you from NOT fighting for him? Ask yourself that!


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  • If you need to ask, then the answer is no.

    • Not trying to come down on your answer, but asking is the way we sort these things out. Why else would this site exist? Not attacking you, just think your answer wasn't that constructive.

    • @Azukuban What's the point of giving a long winded answer just for the sake of giving a long winded answer? If somebody asks a question like this, it means that she has already been thinking about leaving him for a while. This means that her subconscious has already shown her what she knows is the right thing to do. She's confused because it's not an easy choice to live with, but that doesn't change what needs to be done. There's no point adding fuel to the fire.

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  • he's not worth it.


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