Is this weird or abnormal?

So long story short me and ex broke up two months, ago he says the spark disappeared. It did even though I'm over the relationship I still care about him we dated for two years anyways school started and unfortunately we have a class together and see each other thoughtout the day we are not on speaking terms but I did see. Him look at me a couple times so school started 4 days ago he has been absent for two days so far people ask me about his whereabouts but I don't know I know he has a lot of family issues is it weird that I still care about him and kinda worried? What's should I doo


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  • No, Not the Least bit 'Weird' that you still wonder and 'Care' here, dear. It is showing me that no matter What, you still have a heart of gold for him and Natural, Normal feelings that still pull at your heart strings and Surface, from time to time.
    You may be right about 'He has a lot of family issues,' who would know him better than you? And with people asking You, they figure you know plenty and would have a lot to Offer in Regards To... His whereabouts.
    Play it safe, Silence is sure golden and the next time someone broaches and approaches you on this sore subject, smile at them and tell them Politely: I haven't seen him either.
    On another helpful note, no reason of this season why you can't call him and just Ask: " Is everything okay?"
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, you always have great advice. I'm kind of nervous to call him because we haven't talked in months but he did not show up to school again. Its hard not to wonder and hope he is okay..

    • Oh, so welcome and thank you so much for the kind words, sweetie. I know you may be nervous but what better way to just pick up the phone and say "Hey" and how are you?" And who knows what may happen, you both may end up to be the best of friends being you have a class act together in school. lol:)
      Yes, I hope everything is okay and I hope no one is ill. xx

  • its not weird.


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