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I was recently in a relationship 5yrs and share a baby with my girlfriend. she recently wanted to break up cause I didn't treat her right, she said that i was a great dad, man, boyfriend, but not good in relationship she still wants to have sex with me and me only, but if we have sex with someone else we gotta let each other know and it's over, she goes to clubs a lot, she said it's because she never had before, she's 26 with 3 kids, and wants to experience freedom, im 36, im still in love with her but don't want to get hurt!!! Im hoping for my family back,... should play her game or move on with out her?
She wants to be free...


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  • If she loved you she would do these things with you. Why does she need 'freedom' unless she wants to be rid of any guilt while she hooks up with or meets people. She's trying to string you along as a back up in case things don't work out. She likely feels an attachment or care for you as the father of her child but trust me she would not come back for sex if you didn't treat her right. It's an excuse for her to do what she's doing. I guarantee if you met someone she'd come back crying so fast! She's being selfish and immature. You should stop having sex with her or she's going to keep toying with you. Tell her to get her act together or you're done with her for good. Good luck to you, I know it's hard, been there.


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  • Wow, I'm 21 and I never partied, I have a son and have been with my fiancé for 3 years he's 21 too and I put my son first all the time. She has 3 kids so that's more of a responsibility does she plan to work? Does she think child support money will be enough for her kids and her partying? she really didn't give you a good reason for the split, maybe she found someone her age? Someone that parties too? I just hope she doesn't introduce your child to so many other guys 😞

  • My advice would be move on without her if she won't try to stay with you. If you play her game you'll most likely end up hurt.

  • not worth it. move on.


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