The girl that I'm deeply in love with is moving. What should I do?

My girlfriend is moving to help her sick father out. We are madly in love and are totally torn on what we should do. We feel a connection between each other that is totally real and haven't even ever fought. I personally don't know what I did to deserve someone so... amazing, so... perfect. I feel that if we end it that it will be the last I will ever see from her but at the same time she has to make strides in bettering her life and find who she is out there. When we try to even talk about the possibility of breaking up we both resort to tears. I know that her being there for her father is more important than me. She has been hurt before very very badly to the point where she has some psychological issues (not in a crazy way). I just don't trust any other guys out there for her to date if we did end it to treat her how she should be treated and to stay loyal to her (I would never tell her that though). All I want for her to be happy and when she's with me I can see that she is truly happy. Her mom and brother still live here and there is a possibility that it doesn't work out for her when she moves. I just need some help with this situation.


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  • You both have this Most Amazing relationship here, dear, so do Not jump the gun by Pulling out some smoking gun right Now... If we end it.
    She feels it is her call of Daddy Duty to go and help him out. This is showing me that she is very devoted to him and her family and would Move Mountains for Any of them. Girls like her are hard to find.
    For now, Keep going and flowing with what you both have. This kind of love and relationship doesn't happen Only but in One life time. You can always use Skype, your cell phones for even more contact so you can Continue this beautiful Connection in open lines of Convo and Communication.
    Give her a chance to see what she needs to do. I have Seen cases like Hers in my own 'Lifetime,' where someone goes for a little while, tests the waters and ends up Coming back to where they were just used to having their old stomping grounds.
    And in the meantime, as you still are nurturing and nursing your Love own the love lane, if you see she is staying, maybe you could do a bit of Persuading on your own to tell your mind that it is time To... Move to the other side of God's Guide Country, where it just Might be a sign of your own time to plant yourself with a love nest.
    I married a man out in Egypt a few years back and after coming back to the states, I have not gone out to be with him in a long time, due to the Middle East and a lot of Worse unrest. However, through Breakups and Makeups, we have always seemed to follow the Lord's own 'Guide' of staying together and Now... I feel it may be time to hop aboard and abroad again and see where I need to go with him again.
    Good luck. xx


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  • yes, you are deeply in love with her and if you care so much about her why don't you move go to the place where she is going? I mean if you can. even otherwise you can show her still care the same way as before, stay in touch with her always.


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  • If she's only moving because of her dad why don't you go with her?

  • Be there for her show her you are still very interested in her


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