Can this girl be trusted? is she cheating?

hey everyone

my girlfriend, who cheated on me but I forgave her, admitted a few new facts that I wanted to get some feedback on.

- she said that a number of times throughout the relationship she gave her number and email out to guys when he asked her randomly.

- she smoked weed with one friend at his place for the first time just them two but says nothing happened.

- she regularly went out to dinner or their houses with other guys but 'just to hang'.

- she's been on two guys beds but said they just cuddled and that's all.

- two guys now have said that she told them the relationship was over wen they were hanging out or gave impression it was over but told me that when she's with them all she does is talk about me to them?

can this girl be trusted and taken back?

i don't trust her at all at the moment and think that more happened than she lead me to believe.


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  • When I was younger (18-22)-ish I'd give my number out to guys while I had a boyfriend. I did it because it was flattering and nice to know others were interested and also not answering or turning them down later was a power thing (I'm really emberrased that I used to do this).

    About the smoking thing. I've visited a guy friend while he smoked and we just chilled.

    Those first two things you've mentioned don't sound so bad. But they COULD be bad. Depends on your girl. The fact that she HAS cheated on you before obviously indicates to her character.

    The other three things you've mentioned sound really really bad. In no way are two people going to dinner and then back to his house "just to chill." And in no way should she be "hanging out" (even cuddling) in other guy's beds! The fact that she's lying about your relationship is so disgusting. She's putting herself out there, letting other guys know she's available.

    I would in NO way trust her. Do not take her back. She is a cheater. And always will be. Girls like this disgust me. (Guys like this disgust me too). She shouldn't be messing with you like that.


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