Why won't my ex girlfriend return my stuff?

Hey everyone! So my ex-girlfriend broke up with me a little over a month ago. Things were amazing between us and we were planning long term, marriage, kids, etc. Sadly her sister got in the middle of our relationship and made up lies about me, in which ultimately my ex believed her and took her side. She cut off all contact with me and barely responded in that last month, being very sour to me. She took me off social media, however kept all my best friends still on there. I looked like a fool and tried texting her for weeks straight trying to get her back and understand what happened because this all came out of left field and things changed over night. I definetely pushed her further away and if I could give anything to get her back I would, she was my first true love and I believed her when she said she loved me. Her last few texts to me were to leave her alone, move on and what I was doing was harassment, so since then I did leave her alone. She currently has my clothes and other belongings but the most valuable is my MacBook that I need for school and a sentimental pair of sunglasses that she still wears in all of her pictures from what i've seen. I've asked her time and time again, her last response to it was "whenever I find it". She lives about 5 minutes away, I even told her that she doesn't need to see me, someone can pick them up or leave them outside and I will get it, she continues to ignore me. Recently a friend even messaged her and asked her for my stuff, she was polite about it and said she would let him know but nothing set in stone. I do love and care for her, and hope that one day she will give me a chance again but for now I have to accept everything but I cannot seem to understand her holding my stuff hostage, especially something I need for school very soon. Could it be she still cares? or wants control?


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  • Give it up. She ain't gonna let it go. But if you HAVE to get it back, have a police escort go with you to get your belongings from her house.


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  • She wants something to masturbate too., now that she won't be getting any D.


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  • Call the police. Sounds like she just wants control. Forcefully get your stuff back.


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