Guys, Why does my ex seem to hate me if he was the one to breakup with me?

My ex and I had been dating for 4 years. This is still a very recent breakup (less than a month), but I cannot understand his behavior. He broke up with me while drunk and said some nasty things to me and threatened to breakup. (He has in the past said "I'm done!" during arguments and doesn't know how to effectively communicate his feelings.) I called his bluff and he went with it and broke up with me. I have been in NC since that day and have recently found out that he has been expressing anger towards me, which in turn hurts me because I loved him unconditionally throughout our relationship (and still do). Why is he acting this way towards me and our relationship when he was the one to end it?


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  • Tbh to me , he sounds like a person with a psychotic tendencies.
    If he was mature, he'd never behave in such manner.
    You got separated from him for good, so don't sweat it :)

  • This is silly to me yet I hear it all the time. People don't break up when they're angry because they just want to explore the world or something. He broke up BECAUSE he was mad at something he felt you did. That doesn't just disappear when you say your done dating. That anger can hang around. I'm sure you at least have some clue why he's upset. Being the initiator doesn't make you immune to the effects of a break up.

    • He told me that if he were to breakup with me, I would fall into a depression. And I told him that I actually wouldn't. He got upset, said some curse words, left and proceeded to delete and block me from all social media sites the next day without even trying to talk about it with me.

    • Seems like he's a little irrational. But also he seems like he really just wants to feel important or loved and he thinks you needing him would confirm that. Sounds like a guy who doesn't quite understand how to get the affection he desires and that's probably causing more of the anger than anything you could've done. I suggest you keep living your own life and not worry about him. He's going to be nothing but a headache until he learns to love himself instead of trying to manipulate others.

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