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My girlfriend broke up with me after 1,5 years, she's 17 years old
she said she lost her feelings for me. A couple of days later she said she wanted to be free as well, since she's going to uni.

2 weeks ago we said goodbye to each other and she said that she loves me, was going to miss me and she was hoping time would bring us back together.

next day I logged in on her snapchat and noticed her ex boyfriend was in her best friend list.

she found out I logged in and was pissed of. Blocked me everywhere, and now tells people that she hates me. Saying she's glad I'm out of her life and that she's finally free.

the time we've been together was great. Of course it was with ups and downs. But we were always there for each other. We've always fighted for each other. And now she lost her feelings, and boom.. She gave up.

since a week she's seeing someone else. And we're still not in touch. She looks happy. Could it be that she really hates me now? Or is she just saying that to make it easier for herself? I could never hate her..


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  • As much as this sucks to hear she broke up with you and didn't want you in her anymore. I know it is difficult to accept it but you have to realize that analyzing her thoughts and checking up on her is useless. She doesn't want you so why bother? If she hates you or not is irrelevant. It's done. So put all that energy into yourself and your well being.

  • I think the losing her feelings for you just means she got out of the honeymoon phase.

    Tbh I think she gave up too soon and too easily.

    U will not always feel "in love". But when u love someone u know that the feeling wll eventually come and go. It is like this. If u work for it, u can feel in love over and over again.

    I think she just doesn't know what love really is yet. This is life. Not a fairytale.

    Im sorry that she says she hates u. Maybe its her ways to try nd tell herself she did the right thing and move on. I bet she misses u terribly.

    But, then again, this is just an assumption I made based on what u told me. I don't know u guys personally to say it with 100% certainty.

    • "Logging in on her snapchat screwed up the second chance she wanted to give me" that's what a friend told me. Like how bad is it that I did it? It's bad. But not that bad to start hating someone you loved for 1,5 years and not give him a second chance..

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    • I'd like to give it another shot. But I'm not gonna wait for it. I need to move on for now because it's killing me. I'm pretty much in a depression at the moment. Not even joking haha.

    • Im sorry to hear that. Its probably for the best to move on, for now.

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