Guys and girl, how can I let this guy care more for me, and make him jealous?

how can I let him care for me and get more jealous for me?

he never ask me how I am doing, or how was my day, but he says that he likes me, does he really mean it!?


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  • If you are far away do you guys talk alot? Well what always gets me is miss a phone call and call him back the next day and say something like I was really busy and when you talk to him act like your having a great time. Hope this helps


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  • Honeslty, I'm going through the same thing. I have finally found the key to make them jealous though :))). what you have to do is flirt with their very best guy friend and like go on a "casual date" with them. don't tell him before hand and make suree he finds out afterwards that you guys went on a date. I did that with my guy and he got so mad that whenever we all went out together he stayed by my side and wouldn't let me get near his best friend:)

    • Hhheheh smart. thnx for ur reply. but the prob is that I don't know who I his best friend, an we are far away :s

      any other ideas ? :)

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    • Well he is afrom the family, but far relative, we used to meet always when we were young. and now after many years he added me, and we are tlking on net. I can feel that he is a player hehe, not sure. but he does care whenever he feel like. as in a moody way, whch makes me think he is a plyer. plus he always ask me to do sex with him, he doesn't ask much about me as a person. but he says he likes me..

    • Oh then girl, 1) you don't ever date family, that's weird, no matter how distant they are haha. and 2) if he is asking for just sex, then honestly, he doesn't really like you. he just wants to get some of that Beckyy haha

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