I can't stop crying. Why can't I stop?

It's been 4MTHS sometimes I still wake up at 2am and start crying! I'm so sick I'm beginning to hate myself for letting this affect me so much! I still think about this man everyday. He left me because of a stupid argument or maybe lost feelings or using me for emotional reasons. I don't know the exact reason he's just stupid! I acted a complete fool after the breakup and I see others around me happy in their relationships and getting married, their boyfriends honoring and loving them and expressing his love etc and every time I see them I get depressed and resent him so much! I hate him for doing this to me but I still love him. How is this possible.. I just want to move on! I'm so depressed.. How could he have this much control over me!!! He really deceived me, we were so in love just two days before our breakup and out of no where he gave up so easily.. I'm embarrassed ashamed, regretful, hurt, disappointed, depressed.. All these negative emotions because of him. I wish I never met him. I feel so worthless


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  • We all have moments that seem overwhelming to the point of judging ourselves. You feel what you feel. You wouldn't be normal if you didn't react. Maybe past experiences are also effecting you and "attacking" you with this. It takes time. Best of luck to you.

    • I fought Soooo hard for us! I reacted to this breakup and he seemed to just brush it off like it was nothing.. He absolutely redused to see me and talk to me.. Does his reaction seem abnormal to you? I gave all I had shouldn't that be enough? Why do I still have to experience pain and tears even after I fought and gave my all? It makes me sick!!!

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  • Tears are words that the heart can't express. Cry a river, build a bridge and go over it. This is a cliche, but the only remedy for a broken heart is ' time' . Your pain may not heal completely , but time will help you to adapt to how you feel and your heart will accept the pain. You will learn to live with it

    In the meantime keep your mind occupied by keeping busy so your thoughts aren't constantly going over and over about him and what has happened. Over time the memories will fade until eventually he is on your mind less and less.

    At present your heart is broken and you still love him with all the little pieces , so the pain is still raw. It's easy for your mind to let go , but not so easy for the heart. So be patient with it.. keep busy and everytime you find yourself thinking of him try to put other thoughts into your head.

    • Thank you so much! Very insightful. I am trying my hardest. I will get through this! I also think about what if he's moved on already? What if he's found the "one" for him, and here I am still stuck on stupid! I just can't comprehend how someone you cared so much for could be so careless and cold hearted!!

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  • there there. it will be alright.


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