Have you ever been in a relationship that has survived the military?

My Boyfriend is eventually going to join the marines but I don't want to break up with him when he's in the marines.I heard that most people end it once one partner joins the military so my question is, has anyone stayed together while one partner was in the military? How did you keep your relationship strong when your boyfriend was away? Any advice for someone in a situation like this? Thanks.


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  • My boyfriend is stationed in Germany when he's not on leave. Although he's British like myself he's BFPO (British Forces Posted Overseas) and yes it can be hard at times. Most of the time we chat either via MSN or Skype just as if he was back home. Plus nick some of his T-shirts to sleep in, that helps! lol

    You have sort of get your head round your other half being away for long periods of time and there has to be a great element of trust and understanding on both sides.

    Most of the time you can stay in touch fairly easily, especially if like you say your boyfriend is going away to do his basic training. Also they do have the occansional weekend off here and there so you can go visit (as long as they have permission to go off base) for a little while which does make things easier.

  • I don't know but my own boyfriend is going into the marines as well and it's him who wants to end the relationship as soon as he goes because he feels like things might change and happen, so it's better not to be heart broken. I know I would not cheat but it's quite reasonable when you think about it (he will be overseas and far away, you guys won't be able to spend time/talk to each other)... But hopefully in your case, your man can see the bigger picture. I don't know whether it s good or not to stay in one while he is away if there will be issues. You should talk out your concerns about it though (like if you would like to have a break... date other people... etc.)

    As my "ex" said to me, he said that we will be away from each other and things might happen (possibly someone might fall out of love and then you wouldn't want to be cheated on) over the period of time you're not together. You personally may even meet someone and let him down. My ex told me that it may be possible that I might miss an opportunity of meeting someone else that could be a potential husband in the future because of him (since he isn't there). That's true... There's a lot of factors because of this which makes it complicated but I know people have made it through eventually, especially if the person doesn't permanently make the army their life.

    • Well, sorry to hear that, I know I sound stupid but I hope my boyfriend is the one, and I seriously could wait forever for him (we liked each other a year before anything happened dating-wise), but I'm still hoping that there is a way we could preserve this relationship. Yeah, I think as soon as he graduates high school he will join, so I guess that's bad news for me:(

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