Does this mean my first love still cares about me?

So we didn't end on awful terms. He was too young an I was bit impatient. We argued a bit so things went sour. I never stopped loving him at all , but our closeness changed a bit. He ended it.. I was so hurt but I got on with life dated others.

I was a year into uni an he was still in school doing exams. So life was very hectic for us both. I cried for days as he is the love of my life so far. An was the best boyfriend I have had in my life.

We was friends for a bit after slightly but then contact was ended an we drifted. Few years later he was 18 I wished him happy birthday. An he thanked me an was cool with me.

two years on I messaged him today to see how he is. He said hey Shan, I'm good how are you? An I said I am good too an glad he's good. He replied glad your ok too. 😊 an how are things, what did u get in uni.

I didn't think he would continue the convo but he did so does he care or is it just polite.
Thats good, shame you got sick though what was wrong? & good make sure you finish then 😊 &im okay I'm going into my last year now so soon done. His other reply to me not finishing uni


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  • *Sigh* do what you wish your heart desire. If its not meant to be dont rush it. If it was i wouldn't be too quick to fall the same person who ended with me. 😞 im sure you know this. But are letting your emotions get the best of you.

    • I am not rushing it or thinking it's not meant to be he was the love of my life an is the only guy I truly ever cared for. We talking an planning to meet soon so I am happy to take it from there it didn't end ugly between us it was timing an he was so young too

    • Things happen in life no relationship is perfect let's face it nobody had the fairytale story. I still have love for him. Lots of negative people on here lol guessing due to their own love life being not good

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